Upgrading to Class A Biosolids at WWTPs




Biosolids are a proven and effective natural alternative to chemical fertilizers, they do more than just replace nutrients. Rich in organic matter and nutrients, biosolids improve soil health and allow for the slow release of nitrogen and phosphorous, often over several growing seasons, reducing the potential for surface water run-off. In addition to these macronutrients, biosolids also contain a vast number of micronutrients such as iron and zinc, which contribute to healthy plant development.
quasar recently completed a project for The City of Alliance Ohio at their Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City upgraded their plant with an installation of a pre-digestion, Class A thermal system (pictured above) to treat the biosolids that enter their anaerobic digestion system. The methane generated by the plant’s digesters is combusted and predominately used as the source of heat for this process, making the plant more energy efficient. The City utilizes these pathogen-free nutrients to help improve the soil for various projects throughout the city, as well as making them available for city residents to use in their home gardens. The City expects to save an estimated $350,000 a year in trucking and landfill hauling costs annually.
While more than 7.1 million tons of biosolids are generated annually in the United States, only about 50% are beneficially reused. By meeting the requirements of Class “A”/Exceptional Quality under US EPA 503, wastewater treatment plants have more options for beneficial use of their biosolids thereby reducing their biosolids management costs.

Contact quasar and help generate a product and eliminate a
problem by converting your biosolids from Class “B” to Class “A”.



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