Is your Digester Not Performing Up to your Expectations?


Digester Gas Analysis


How much gas is your digester producing?


quasar’s anaerobic digester specific laboratories specialize in supporting the biology of digesters those we operate, as well as for outside clients. With nearly a decade of experience in digester operations, our lab can provide insight into the health of your digester, and offer specific support in getting it healthy.
quasar has a full scope of services to get your digester into shape and running at a healthy rate, ranging from biomass characterizations, biological methane potential testing (BMP), and pilot digesters. With our pilot digesters, it is possible to fully model your digester in the lab.


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Testing Available


Pilot Scale Digester
Air Emissions Simulation
Total Solids (TS)
Volatile Solids (VS)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Carbon, Nitrogen (CN)
Sulfur (S)
Heavy Metals + Minerals (ICP-MS)
VFA Profile (GC)
Biogas Volume
Biogas Composition – (CO2, O2, N2, CH4, NH3)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)


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