Digester Project of the Year Award


ORLANDO, FL – Today (October 19, 2016), at its annual conference, the American Biogas Council announced the winners of its Digester Project of the Year Awards, presented at a sold out dinner celebration at BioCycle REFOR16.   The winners included five projects, one innovation and one individual all recognized for their contributions to the industry. In addition, 34 projects received the ABC’s first longevity awards given to plants which have been continuously operating for more than five years.

quasar wins Digester Project of the Year Award
quasar’s Bobby Luciano accepts Biogas Industry Award

“Not only are these projects great examples for future project development, our winners are breaking new ground for the growing biogas industry,” remarked, ABC Chairman, Bernie Sheff of ES Engineering Services. “I’m so proud to be awarding the shining stars of the industry and look forward to the next wave of projects that are already following in their footsteps.”

Biogas systems turn organic material into soil amendments and renewable natural gas using a natural process called anaerobic digestion. There are more than 2,100 operational systems in the U.S. today and the potential for over 11,000 new systems to be built.

quasar’s Columbus Digester Wins Merchant Biogas Project of the Year

Owner: Central Ohio BioEnergy

Developer: quasar energy group

Construction Started: 5/3/2010

Tank Filling Started: 12/15/2010

Project was Fully Operational: 2/15/2011


Project Summary:

In 2010, the City of Columbus partnered with quasar and Kurtz Bros. to divert 25,000 wet tons of biosolids from incineration and an additional 35,000 tons of organic waste from landfills each year. The anaerobic digestion process generates biogas which can be used to produce electricity or CNG. The City of Columbus purchases renewable electricity produced at COBE. The plant also features a public CNG fueling station.


What Makes this Project Special?

The COBE plant produces electricity and CNG based on market demand. Biogas is used to produce electricity when the CNG storage capacity is reached. This model maximizes the plant’s revenue potential and flexibility.

Notable Awards and Points of Interest for COBE:

2012 SWANA Solid Waste Innovator of the Year Award

2014 General Motors Announces the New Bi-Fuel Impala, Features quasar 

Organizations Involved:

quasar energy group   I   Kurtz Bros. Central Ohio   I    Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO)



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