Digester Clean-Out & Evaluation of Projects


Digester Clean-Out


Municipal Anaerobic Digesters are subject to accumulation of grit and other inerts that can choke off the digester’s effective capacity. With digester capacity compromised, the required volatile reduction requirements under the USEPA 503 rules can be difficult or impossible to maintain.

With quasar’s operational experience, digester clean-out and evaluation projects spanning more than a decade, we have first-hand experience dealing with the challenges of grit. With our assistance, we can come to your rescue and offer a turn-key process to get your digester back into full running order by removing the grit with a digester clean-out project. Once inside, we can also offer evaluative services relating to tank wall conditions, mixing, heating and gas holding.

If upgrades are required to improve overall digester operational efficiency, quasar offers a full suite of design, construction, and commissioning services to provide upgrades and improvements.


quasar has a full scope of services to get your digester into shape and running at a healthy rate, ranging from biomass characterizations, biological methane potential testing (BMP), and pilot digesters. With our pilot digesters, it is possible to fully model your digester in the lab.


Digester clean-out

Installation of new piping system to
improve digester performance


Contact us to help with your digester clean-out project.


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