Develop Stronger Markets for Biosolids


Biosolids are a proven and effective natural alternative to chemical fertilizers because they do more than just replace nutrients. Rich in organic matter and nutrients, biosolids improve the health of the soil and allow for slow release of key nutrients, often over several growing seasons, and reduces the potential for nutrient loss through surface water run-off. In addition to these macronutrients, biosolids also contain a wealth of micronutrients which contribute to healthy plant development.


quasar’s approach to economically achieving Class “A”/EQ (Exceptional Quality) can use rejected heat from CHPs (Combined Heat and Power) systems when they are available, saving thousands of dollars of operational cost. Class “A” biosolids are more desirable to farmers and therefore, markets can be developed which reduce transportation and disposal costs. Additional reuse options for cost saving benefits are available such as soil blending when making a Class “A” product.

More than 7.1 million tons of biosolids are generated annually in the United States, about 50% are beneficially reused. By meeting the requirements of Class “A”/EQ under US EPA 503, farmers have an increased desire to incorporate this product into their fields as a replacement to the Class “B” product.



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