Adding Profitable Biomass to Under-Utilized Digesters




Many wastewater treatment plants with operating anaerobic digesters may be able to increase their operating revenues by accepting additional biomass outside of their primary and secondary sludges. Biosolids and grease from neighboring communities and food waste from area food processing facilities, convention centers, stadiums, universities, etc. can be delivered to an anaerobic digestion plant. Each ton received at a plant generates revenue from additional gas production and by charging “tipping fees”.
quasar energy group can support these initiatives in a number of ways:

  • Our biomass team can contract with your plant to solicit, analyze and source material for you
  • Our engineering construction team can support modifications to the plant should they be necessary
  • Our development team can perform a feasibility evaluation to evaluate the financial sense of a change and can provide a path to contract.


Join other municipalities, authorities, and districts who have already begun to save money and increase revenue.


Click here to find out more about the types of materials managed for digesters.


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