Laboratory Services

In 2008, quasar established its laboratory offices at The Ohio State University’s (OSU) Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) campus in Wooster, Ohio. Partnered with the largest university-led agbioscience research center in the nation, our unique alliance with OSU combining agricultural and biological research sets quasar apart in the industry. We provide laboratory services for our customers and for the facilities we operate.


25-Gallon Pilot Scale Digesters

Our laboratory is home to several 25-gallon pilot scale digesters which simulate the performance of full scale facilities. The compact digesters are used to “stress test” and mimic a system to identify potential issues with biomass such as gas composition, production and performance. Tests on the materials determine the levels of active substrates and the overall composition and volume of gas in each digester. Evaluations of carbon, nitrogen, volatile fatty acid/total inorganic carbon ratios, free ammonia, percentage of total solids, percentage of volatile solids, and other standard measurements are performed on biomass and digester substrates. Testing results can help determine what changes are needed to reach optimal digester potential.


Testing Available

Pilot Scale Digester
Air Emissions Modeling
Total Solids (TS)
Volatile Solids (VS)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Carbon, Nitrogen (CN)
Sulfur (S)
Minerals (ICP-MS)
Heavy Metals (ICP-MS)
VFA Profile (GC)
Biogas Volume
Biogas Composition (CO2, O2, N2,CH4, NH3, H2S)
Phosphorus (P)
Potassium (K)

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