Farm Digesters: Energy from Manure

Unlock the Potential to Produce Energy from Manure    

US EPA’s AGSTAR Program estimates that anaerobic digesters are feasible at more than 8,000 large dairy and hog farms in America.  These digesters offer a cleaner alternative for managing manure on farms, reducing overall volumes through the digestion process and concentrating nutrients for a higher value end product. In this process, the digester provides an economic benefit back to the farm by harnessing the biogas that can then be used onsite to offset heat and electric needs, or can be upgraded to renewable natural gas. quasar has experience managing the digestate through solids separation and nutrient recovery to provide a marketable product that can be used for land application, composting,  soil blending, and more.


CTSR System: Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

Our CTSR design provides farmers with a module system that can be easily sized to the feedstock, energy, and site demands of the farm.  Critical components are easily accessible, allowing for simple and unobtrusive maintenance. With optimized mixing and heating, the CSTR system is able to produce more biogas in a smaller footprint, making it well suited for agriculture applications.


The Benefits of Co-digestion

quasar has also incorporated the co-digestion of regional manufacturing organic waste along with manure into many of its farm digesters, making anaerobic digestion a viable option even for small farms. This additional feedstock increases the energy production of the digester and allows the project to recognize an additional revenue stream through tip fees. quasar is experienced in sourcing biomass for many of its co-digestion projects, and can offer this service through project development and ongoing operational support.


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quasar-Built Farm Digesters



Ashley, OH (hog)

Fairborn, OH (hog)

Haviland, OH (dairy)

Wooster, OH – OSU (research)



Rutland, MA (dairy)


Impacts of a quasar System



– offset up to 100% of electricity use


Good Neighbor

– reduce manure odors



– additional revenue with co-digestion

– offset animal bedding expenses

– natural fertilizer replaces chemical products 



– achieve permit compliance

– expand farm size

– pathogen reduction 



– reduce nutrient run-off

– capture greehouse gas emissions


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US EPA’s AgSTAR Database  identifies 260 farm digesters at dairy, hog, poultry and beef operations.    


Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Progress Report

Biogas Opportunities Roadmap

American Biogas Council


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