At quasar we have a unique approach to hiring that focuses on developing our company through our recruitment process. Stated plainly – we want the best.


At quasar we hire for our future. We are looking for men and women who aspire to join a goal-oriented organization. We want you to think, to be innovative, to come up with new designs and approaches. We want people who can make bold decisions, who can conceptualize the big picture and act to achieve it. Most importantly – we want people who can get the job done.


Our corporate culture is unlike any other. At quasar there is no limit to what you can achieve. Our goal is to develop our employees by challenging their strengths. We consistently encourage our people to push their limits and re-evaluate their capabilities. We believe in fostering an environment where determination and drive accelerate the individual to exceed their specific goals.


Interested in joining quasar?


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Job Opportunities


Truck Drivers | Cleveland, Zanesville, Wooster locations


Plant Laborers | Cleveland and Wooster locations


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