Anaerobic Digestion Video Archives

A leader in the North American biogas space, quasar has built a library of anaerobic digestion videos highlighting topics central to the industry.  Select any of the videos below and hit the play button to learn more.


The Future of Wastewater

By: quasar energy group


There is energy in the waste stream that goes to every wastewater treatment facility.  In 2013, quasar energy group entered into a Public Private Partnership with the City of Wooster Ohio . . .


Alternative Fuels and CNG

By: Clean Fuels Ohio

Featuring quasar President Mel Kurtz


“Twenty percent of the total fuel consumed in Ohio can be produced biologically via anaerobic digestion.”


The Power and Potential of Food Waste Partnerships

By: US Dairy


“Currently, only 3% of the food scraps in the whole country actually get captured.  Food is the largest contributor to landfills today. This effort is taking that product out of landfills and actually capturing the value from it.”


Chevy’s Bi-Fuel Impala (CNG)

By: Chevrolet Press Room

For years auto makers have sought cleaner, renewable and domestically produced fuels that meet customer’s demands.  Natural gas from waste products answers those needs.



quasar Alternative Fuels

By: SWACO – The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio


The anaerobic digestion process at quasar’s Central Ohio BioEnergy plant in Columbus, Ohio is described in a video produced by SWACO upon awarding quasar an Emerald Award for Sustainability.


Auto World – Renewable Natural Gas

By: MotorWeek


Every family, farm animal and food processing plant in America produces organic waste that creates a mix of methane, CO2 and other elements called biogas when it decomposes.


USDA Secretary Vilsack Visits OARDC

By: The Ohio State University OARDC

United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited OARDC’s Wooster Campus to learn about research in the areas of bioenergy and bioproducts.


Growing Ohio’s Economy

By: The Ohio State University OARDC

In 2010, quasar energy group established its flagship biogas research facility in OARDC’s BioHio Research Park.  This collaboration has helped create 110 jobs in the area.

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