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Wastewater Treatment Plant Digesters

The energy hidden in wastewater is an untapped resource with the potential to offset 12% of the US electric demand.  That's thousands of POWER PLANTS ready to be turned on.  


The country’s aging wastewater treatment infrastructure system is facing capital, technical and regulatory challenges.  Facilities are progressively required to improve pollutant loading reductions mandated by the Clean Water Act. The US EPA estimates investment needs for aging secondary and advanced wastewater treatment infrastructure totals $105.3 billion over the next twenty years.


Upgrading to high solids wastewater treatment plant digesters is an effective way to capture hidden energy, manage nutrients and reduce operating expenses.  quasar's Project Development Team works with our clients to evaluate their treatment plant's configuration and develop a technology solution to meet their specific needs.   With more than 100 years of combined experience in biosolids management, our team is prepared to collaborate.  Find out more about our turn-key services here.  


The Impact of quasar's Solution:

Treatment plants featuring quasar technology experience the following results:

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     - new revenue streams (energy & tipping fees)

     - reduce operating expenses



     - increase plant throughput

     - volatile solids reduction >70%

     - Class A options available


     - achieve permit compliance



     - offset up to 100% electricity use

     - become net energy generators



    - greenhouse gas reduction

    - nutrient management