About quasar: Leading the Biogas Industry

quasar is leading the biogas industry in the design, construction and operation of North American anaerobic digestion systems.  Our turn-key solution to organics management is backed by a team of licensed professionals and decades of hands-on operating experience. quasar's suite of services includes operating, maintenance, and monitoring agreements which ensure our plants continue running long after construction and commissioning are complete.


About quasar:

quasar is a Cleveland, Ohio-based waste management and renewable energy firm. quasar's systems manage organic material which would have traditionally been sent to landfills or incinerators.  Our anaerobic digesters convert these waste streams into renewable energy and a valuable fertilizer product.

What does "quasar" mean?

A quasar is an abundant energy source, an extremely distant object with energy output several thousand times that of our galaxy.  


quasar is one word that describes the potential of the anaerobic digestion industry.  We are presented with an abundant opportunity to produce energy from readily available biomass resources (food waste, manure, crop residuals and biosolids).  As our population continues to grow, so does our demand for energy and our need to dispose of waste.  quasar technology is a solution to this challenge.  


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