Design-Build Services

quasar's suite of design-build services sets us apart from our competitors.  Our in-house staff supports each project through the full project cycle, providing the expertise to make each project a success.  With all necessary services under one roof quasar can be the single point of contact for any project.   


quasar’s engineering and design expertise is the result of first hand ownership and operating experience. quasar has a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics associated with a successful anaerobic digestion project. This allows us to design our systems to minimize operational challenges.  We believe this experience uniquely distinguishes and qualifies quasar. We are prepared not only to construct a system but, more importantly, to ensure the system operates to its design capacity over its entire useful life.


quasar has designed, built, and currently provides various levels of operational support to fourteen high-solids anaerobic digestion systems in Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York.  

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David Baran

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Alan Johnson

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Complete Suite of Design-Build Services

digester feasibility study
digester design
digester construction
digester commissioning
digester operation and maintenance

- Site review

- Feedstock evaluation

- Energy usage options

- Biogas monetization

- Effluent management

- Conceptual design

- Economic analysis

- in house engineering 

- design/build capabilities

- retro-fit expertise

- custom components

- laboratory analysis

- effluent management 

- project management

- full construction services

- procurement

- custom components

- quality control protocols

- seed sludge procurement

- biological commissioning

- plant operator training

- feedstock assessment

- trained quasar operators

- 24/7 remote monitoring

regular maintenance

- ongoing lab support

- feedstock sourcing