Depackaging Services

Emergency Organics Management:

Emergencies need immediate attention. That’s why quasar established a rapid response hotline to immediately address your needs. Our biomass representatives will work with you to quickly devise a solution to manage your waste emergency while reducing the impact to your business.


(216) 986-9999 x 112


Call us when you need assistance due to:

- product recalls
- expired products
- off-spec products
- planned system cleaning
- unplanned system cleaning
- equipment failures
- onsite waste water system at capacity

quasar offers our clients an environmentally sustainable solution for the destruction of expired, damaged, recalled or off-spec food products. We are able to separate organic materials from recyclable packaging, including: wax-coated cardboard, glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, wrappers and containers.

Complete Product Destruction:

Once the organic fraction of the product is separated from the packaging, it is macerated (if solid) and stored in our anaerobic digestion systems where it is mixed with other waste streams and broken down by microorganisms over twenty eight days.


Renewable Energy:

During the breakdown of material, biogas is emitted and used to generate renewable energy.

Full-Service Solution:

Our full-service solution offers customers:
- complete chain of custody documentation
- proof of product destruction
- secure interior staging and storage
- confidential product management (if applicable)

For more information contact a representative:
Clint Pemberton


Phone: (216) 401-5536